Skyuka Hall is a dually accredited K-12 independent day school committed to providing a positive and rigorous learning experience for children with learning differences who live in the metropolitan Chattanooga area.  Skyuka Hall provides individualized learning experiences within a community that enables students with learning differences to develop academically, physically, spiritually and socially with confidence, courage and conviction. 

A Tennessee Category III school, Skyuka Hall has grown 900 percent since opening its doors in 2014.  Skyuka Hall is a dually accredited member of AdvancED and Southern Association of Independent Schools (formerly SACS) as well Tennessee Association of Independent Schools, Tennessee Secondary Schools Athletic Association, National Association of Independent Schools, International Dyslexia Association, and Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder.  Skyuka Hall was chosen as a National Beta School of Excellence for 2018 and has produced three National Ben Carson Scholars in its short tenure.  

Students and families are welcomed unreservedly to the Wolf Pack and are not defined by past struggles or pre-conceived labels.  Skyuka Hall students, whose unique needs are not typically remedied in a traditional public or private school, are offered a nurturing environment designed to foster individualized growth and achievement, something many of these students have not experienced in school.  Students and parents at Skyuka Hall are taught how to face specific learning challenges and use these experiences to answer the demands of life positively and independently by reaching their full potential both inside and outside the school.  Students receive a structured learning environment with intensive educational interventions fostering success.  Skyuka Hall students are also given leadership opportunities aimed at promoting service, citizenship, character, teamwork, courage, conviction, and confidence.  Through combined efforts, the desire and ability to make a positive difference in the world becomes readily evident on campus.   


Each student comes to us with a unique set of challenges and we are able to create a curriculum for that child that fits their specific need. And that is phenomenal.”

— Ashley Moore
Skyuka Hall Parent and Teacher

Skyuka Hall has been a miracle for our family. They have dedicated their time and love to each of the children and parents. Our daughter has soared academically since first starting. She has also blossomed in areas of socialization. I could not imagine being a part of any other school. Their staff is attentive, well educated, and they truly care for the children. This school feels more like family than just another institute.

- Anonymous parent survey