Core Values


We value relationships based on attentive communication, sharing, and politeness. We expect all members of the community to practice open and honest communication and do so in a mannerly and supportive way. Students will innovate, solve problems, organize, support, and defend their solutions in a way that is respectful to all members. 


We value relationships based on showing others appreciation and dignity. We believe in building self-worth and the whole child.  We expect all students, teachers, and parents to be aware and considerate of one another’s differences. Through words, actions, and expectations, the community acknowledges and accepts all members. We are the Wolf Pack.                                


We value a community that is collaborative and responsive to the needs of its members and larger world. The collective group of students, teachers, and parents respond and react to individuals and groups with a shared interest in determining the best plan for meeting academic, social, and physical needs of all community members. 

I wish more families knew about Skyuka Hall and all that it offers.  This school has been a saving grace for out family and I don't know where we would be without it.

- Anonymous parent survey