Faculty & Administration

Skyuka Hall educators are the heartbeat for the school: providing a home-away-from-home for each student. Their classrooms are filled with love.  These special individuals have advanced training, experience, compassion, motivation, innovation, and the understanding needed to teach students who have not maximized their potential in a traditional classroom setting.  With an individualized curriculum for each student, these men and women teach students how to effectively embrace and take ownership of the learning process and utilize the positive experiences at school to face life’s challenges.

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Beth Ake

Amber Beason

Derek Beaty

Amanda Beck

Meredith Bocian

Beth Burns

Shelby Cornelius

Melanie Covert

Amber Hicks

Katrece Holland


The Faculty and Staff of Skyuka Hall suffered a crippling loss in the annual student - teacher basketball game

Despite the loss, everyone was in good spirits.



 Dr. Yother loves to show faculty and staff his heartfelt appreciation for their hard work and dedication to our students.