Mission & Vision

Our Mission 

To ensure individualized academic, social, physical, & spiritual development in a nurturing community for students with learning differences & ADHD.

Our Vision

The first part of our vision has been met. The founders and leaders of Skyuka Hall responded to the community’s demand for an alternative educational environment designed exclusively for students with learning differences. For this reason, Skyuka Hall emerged in 2014, enduring the stresses of managing meager academic accommodations and resources. Skyuka Hall successfully recovered from a water main burst and total loss of facilities three weeks before the start of the 2018-2019 school year that many believed would end the successful journey. However, just like our students, Skyuka Hall overcomes challenges. With a more accommodating campus and seven years of solid operational growth, Skyuka Hall is not only succeeding, it is flourishing! The community is being positively impacted as a result. 

Skyuka Hall continues to reach and exceed yearly enrollment goal,  maintains clear financial audits, and receives excellent financial and participatory support from parents, grandparents, the Board of Trustees, faculty, staff, and friends. Consequently, the next part of the vision is to move forward with plans to build a school that will support current families and countless other students with learning differences in the greater Chattanooga area who desperately need this school. The new Skyuka Hall will be attractive, spacious, functional, and a permanent campus for generations of students and teachers. The 70-acre campus will help take recruitment and programming to another level. However, past successes will not be forgotten. Skyuka Hall will continue to provide every student with an environment where individual needs are met through individualized and intimate instruction in a small, non-traditional classroom environment.