Securing a Permanent Home and Campus

With a lead land donation valued at $1.7 million given in 2018, Skyuka Hall has secured 55 acres of land centrally located off Highway 153 and has secured an additional 15 acres adjacent to the property. Ownership of something this monumental has further galvanized and evoked enthusiasm in the school community. Skyuka Hall now has a beautiful 70 acres of undeveloped and wooded area to bring the entire vision to life. 

Phase I of the capital campaign will focus on the completion of the school’s infrastructure (roads, parking, utilities, and site pads for campus buildings) on the 70 acres. Phase I also includes the construction of a permanent 55,000 square-foot Academic Building to house Lower School, Middle School, and Upper School, and an athletic field and gymnasium which will also serve as a fine arts performance area.  

The new Campus has been strategically and exclusively designed to embrace the needs of students with learning differences. Empirical evidence and similar regional schools demonstrate that children with learning differences require more space to learn (thus the small classroom sizes) and need outdoor, naturally aesthetic spaces to create sensory experiences that will help maximize potential. Phase I will help address those needs. 

Currently, the school is in the Campaign Readiness Phase of planning for the capital campaign. Skyuka Hall continues to strengthen the Board of Trustees, fine-tune strategic planning, work with educational advisors and architects, converse with friends and supporters, and finish completing a philanthropic Feasibility Study. These efforts will better ensure the school can complete Phase I successfully and open the new campus once the necessary funding is secured. 


Skyuka Hall's current rented facilities located off Brainerd Road have served the school well with classroom space, labs, and student activity.  However, with the present enrollment, space is at a premium.  Based on continued growth, we have already exceeded the capacity of this location.  The new campus plan will create open space and a welcoming college campus-like environment for learning where our students can thrive and have the best opportunity to graduate.

- Dr. Josh Yother, Head of School

I am excited by the possibility that Skyuka Hall may soon have a facility that begins to reflect more clearly the quality of its program.

- R. Kirk Walker Jr., Ph.D.

GPS Head of School and Past President of the Southern Association of Independent Schools 

Phase I Rendering