Teaching the Way Children Learn

It is important to understand the unique niche Skyuka Hall fills in the spectrum of Chattanooga’s independent and public schools. Skyuka Hall has a proven track record of working exclusively with children who have a wide range of learning differences and/or ADHD. In many cases, Skyuka Hall’s students have had little-to-no success in other public and/or private school settings. Too many students with learning differences and challenges slip through the proverbial cracks in traditional mainstream education. 

Many of these students come to Skyuka Hall discouraged, isolated, bullied and without any hope. Skyuka Hall provides each student with a broad, personalized, and individualized program tailored toward helping each student overcome obstacles to learning and to become successful students. Many of the students are gifted and have special and unique abilities. When their energy is appropriately focused and challenges recognized from a different perspective, these learners can and do achieve remarkable outcomes.  

Skyuka Hall has an extraordinary 93% retention rate; the fact that so many students return to Skyuka Hall and excel at a high level demonstrates the real effectiveness of its programming. Not to mention, Skyuka Hall became the fastest growing independent school in the state at one time out of a small office complex in Red Bank. Skyuka Hall’s professional, experienced, and caring staff seek to challenge and enrich minds, bodies, and spirits. Class sizes are kept small to ensure that each child’s academic and social learning goals and objectives are carefully met. 

Skyuka Hall seeks to fulfill the mission of academic, social, spiritual, and physical development with each student. Students are given grade-level content on levels commensurate with their abilities including, but not limited to, mathematics, science, language arts and social studies. Using tested, proven, and accredited instruments and methodologies, Skyuka Hall encourages its community of educators, parents, and students to emerge from the traditional mold of education and instead, prosper in an environment of love, support and enthusiasm for lifetime learning. In fact, the families of Skyuka Hall students heal and view education from a different perspective as much or more than the students. 

Skyuka Hall students often learn more effectively with multisensory modalities in the classroom including project-based learning. The school offers instruction in music, art and drama, as well as a wide variety of physical education and extracurricular programs and clubs to meet the individual needs of the students. To ensure social and spiritual development, an individualized social curriculum and community levels system have been implemented including individualized character development, social activities, leadership training, and service-learning projects. Summer programs have also been created to further include students of learning differences in the Greater Chattanooga area.  

Technology is integrated throughout the curriculum at Skyuka Hall. Skyuka Hall is a one-to-one laptop community. We have also added two new STEAM labs, which enable students to tackle concepts in a deeper more meaningful way, through teamwork, collaboration, and communication. Through interactive technology, assistive technology, and STEAM programming, Skyuka Hall is better able to prepare students to move toward graduation and future success.