Lower School

Skyuka Hall is a place of healing and a place of hope.  In our lower school we lay that foundation of hope by catering to the whole child during their early stages of learning and development.  We focus on every child’s academic, spiritual, physical, and social-emotional needs.  Our lower school includes grades K-5.  Each student enrolled is unique; therefore, we individualize instruction based on their specific needs..  We typically have a 1:8 student-teacher ratio which provides us the opportunity to focus on individual learning differences and learning styles. 

Our Skyuka Hall classrooms are designed to be a safe haven.  Each classroom has preferential seating.  Our classrooms are designed to be sensory sensitive and include multi-faceted ways to ensure differentiation and individualization.  In our school, each student receives an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP).  This living document allows us to tailor your child’s education based on their individual learning needs.  Our school also utilizes 1:1 technology.  Our K-5 scholars enjoy a variety of enrichment opportunities throughout their day.  We currently offer music, spanish, art, STEAM, physical education, and social skills classes to all of our lower school learners.  We also offer a variety of clubs, sports teams, and extracurricular activities.

We are a non-traditional school, which means that we monitor progress in a non-traditional way.  We use a standards-based grading system.  We measure how each student is mastering each standard. This makes it easy for parents and students to track progress to see how their learner is developing within a certain skill or domain.  Our lower school boasts a trained staff who have a variety of specializations and certifications to meet each student’s needs.  We are dedicated to facilitating your student's learning with courage, confidence, and conviction.

Lower School Core Curriculum

"Chilldren have real understanding only of that which they invent themselves.” ~ Jean Piaget



Lower School Enrichment Curriculum