Middle School

In middle school the emphasis begins to shift from skill remediation to strategies that bypass weak functions and allow students to meet the increased content and comprehension demands of the curriculum.  The reading/language arts program encompasses grammar instruction, written expression, reading comprehension, vocabulary development, and critical thinking. It is designed to stimulate interest and discussion among students who are typically conceptual and abstract thinkers. Students are introduced to a variety of genres where guided reading is conducted to aid in the development of independent reading skills for those who need further assistance.  Emphasis is placed upon helping students manage the strategies they have been taught and to be able to practice using those tools combined with their personal approach when working with more complex reading and writing assignments.


Writing instruction is taught through both whole class and guided instruction.  Students benefit from a sequential approach where they move from being able to write simple paragraphs to developing multi-paragraph essays and responses. Instruction is also provided in note taking, using digital and print formats, and the elements of an effective discussion. 


Middle School Core Curriculum

Middle School Enrichment Curriculum