Social & Emotional Learning

Skyuka Hall believes in a whole child approach to learning, which is especially important for children who learn differently.  This is why we as a school put a strong emphasis on Social and Emotional Learning (SEL).  SEL has become one of the hottest topics in education over the last several years - and for good reason. It not only improves achievement by an average of 11 percentile points, it also increases pro-social behaviors and reduces depression and stress among students.

SEL accomplishes this by promoting and improving the student's attitudes and beliefs about themselves, their relationships with others, and their education.  The five core competencies are as follows:

Self-awarenessTo process one's own thoughts and feelings and learn how to express them to others

Self-managementControl one's own emotions and behaviors in different contexts and environments

Social awarenessTo empathize and understand people from various backgrounds or cultures, as well as internalize social norms of behavior

Relationship SkillsTo build and maintain meaningful relationships with others by active and healthy communication

Responsible decision making - To make constructive choices about personal behavior and social interactions

Skyuka Hall's Social and Emotional program is an enrichment approach.  Skyuka Hall is unable to provide support for students requiring behavioral intervention or behavior modification.


People’s beliefs about their abilities have a profound effect on those abilities

- Albert Bandura

The Power of Love

We firmly believe in the power of love.  Love is what puts our feet on the floor each morning.  Love is what drives us to provide the best experiences for our students.  Love is what brings us together as a community.  Love is what makes Skyuka Hall more than just a school.