Technology in the Classroom

Technology at Skyuka Hall is integrated into the overall K-12 program.  It is our philosophy that since technology surrounds us, it's knowledge and skills are best learned through active participation.  We view technology as a tool for learning that students can use to broaden their skills using a variety of programs and cloud-based applications.  One of Skyuka Hall's goals is to meet the challenges of this continually evolving digital environment by using new ideas and strategies that are spiraled throughout our curriculum.

Skyuka Hall’s technology integration promotes student engagement and knowledge acquisition, problem solving, and critical thinking.  Computers are almost invisible in support of lesson objectives.  Technology is fully integrated into our curriculum.  We use technology to help students learn content, develop skills and manage their lives as learners.  We are careful to implement technology that has been proven to assist students, especially those with language-based learning differences.  It is our goal to support student learning by creating interactive, constructive, and purposeful lessons.  These lessons are broadened by the use of assistive technology when appropriate.  Technology does not take the place of multi-sensory learning but serves as another modality to aid in student understanding.

Promethean ActivPanels: Interactive technology is available in each classroom through the use of Promethean ActivPanels.  These boards are large, interactive whiteboards, which allow students to use touch or markers to control a computer.  This kinesthetic teaching tool reinforces lessons and makes learning more fun for students.

Our LMS (Learning Management System): An LMS is designed to integrate in-person and online learning experiences to help bridge the gap between the internet and the classroom.  Most students learn best through visuals and video models which an LMS can provide.  Through use of this technology inside the classroom and in STEAM labs, students tend not to exhibit unnecessary behaviors which, in turn, can improve their learnability.  This format also allows teachers to be able to use various pedagogical models, deliver more personalized learning experiences, and increase student engagement.

The G Suite for Education: Our current LMS, G Suite gives students anytime, anywhere access to their work so students can easily access their files from home.  Collaboration is an integral component of G Suite for Education as well, allowing students to work together and get real-time feedback from their teachers.  With these tools, instruction can be personalized to help students gain information and technology literacy.

zSpace Computers: The zSpace AR / VR  applications engage students in standards-based learning experiences that align with the curriculum.  Students construct knowledge and understanding of concepts across multiple curriculum areas with a strong focus on STEM subjects.  zSpace provides experiences and the medium to support instruction and students’ learning and curiosity.  Students learn by asking questions, gathering information, developing models, testing ideas, analyzing data, and developing conclusions. Teachers facilitate learning by setting up tools and resources that help students through the lesson.


Skyuka Hall provides a unique, individualized program through discovery, engagement, and technological innovation.