Skyuka Hall Admission

Inquire about Admission

Carefully review the information on this page regarding our admission process.

Information about our school, who we serve, and the admission process can be found below.  If you have specific questions, you may email our admission office.

To begin the admission process, complete an inquiry form online including a brief message describing your student's giftings and areas of needed support.

Instructional time is important for our students.  To minimize distractions to learning, tours are scheduled as part of the family admission meeting.

Skyuka Hall serves unique learners in grades K-12

Skyuka Hall serves students with average to above-average intelligence with learning challenges such as language-based learning differences.

Skyuka Hall's curriculum is designed to meet the needs of children with the following profiles:

  •  Dyslexia 
  •  Dyscalculia
  •  Dysgraphia
  •  Information/Auditory Processing
  • Attention Deficit

Skyuka Hall's programming is not suitable for every student; we are unable to provide support for students with conduct disorder or learning difficulties that are the result of/primary diagnosis of emotional or behavioral challenges, students with an intellectual disability or borderline intellectual disability, or serve those requiring moderate to significant support needs. 

Skyuka Hall provides appropriate academic accommodations to all students but does not provide behavioral accommodations or support to students requiring a behavioral intervention plan. 

This experience has been nothing but a gift, a joy, and an above-and-beyond confirmation of what we already knew - that Skyuka Hall *is* a service from love.  I have been moved to tears by the degree of commitment, investment, and joy of the faculty and staff.


Skyuka Hall Non-Discrimination Policy

Diversity at Skyuka Hall reflects a range of learning profiles as well as racial, religious, cultural, socioeconomic, educational, and social backgrounds within our student population.

To that end, we recognize that each student brings an element of diversity as a unique learner.  Every Skyuka Hall student has strengths and talents in addition to areas where they need support.  We actively pursue diversity and maintain an inclusive philosophy toward all students, faculty, and staff.

Skyuka Hall does not discriminate in its educational and employment policies on the basis of color, race, sex, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, transgender status, marital status, religion, creed, national or ethnic origin, disability, age, socioeconomic status, or military or veteran status.