Skyuka Hall Admission


To begin the process, complete an inquiry form online including a brief message describing your student's giftings and areas of needed support.

Skyuka Hall serves unique learners in grades K-12

Skyuka Hall serves students with average to above average intelligence with learning challenges such as language-based learning differences, dyslexia, or attention deficit.  

Skyuka Hall is unable to provide support for learning difficulties that are the result of/primary diagnosis of emotional or behavioral challenges, or serve those requiring moderate to significant support needs. 

Our Process

  • Submit an inquiry form online
  • Share your student's psychoeducational evaluation and educational assessment (s) for review by our admission committee 
    • We may ask that you provide additional information such as transcripts, attendance reports, and any disciplinary reports (if applicable) from all schools attended 
  • If Skyuka Hall is able to serve your student, we will invite you to schedule an admission meeting and student shadow day
  • After a successful shadow day has been completed, we will invite you to submit an application for admission

This experience has been nothing but a gift, a joy, and an above-and-beyond confirmation of what we already knew - that Skyuka Hall *is* a service from love.  I have been moved to tears by the degree of commitment, investment, and joy of the faculty and staff.