Summer Program 2024


Dates: June 3 – June 27 Monday – Thursday

Time: Morning Program 8:30 – 12:00

Teacher to Student Ratio: Morning Program 1 – 6

Cost: $1600


Our unique program takes place over a four-week period in June and provides an intensive time of remediation and/or acceleration in Reading, Writing, and Math. Our summer begins with an assessment to pinpoint those specific areas of need your student has in all three of these academic areas. We will then tailor a plan to remediate those areas identified in the assessment. If your student does not require remediation we will develop a plan to accelerate them. Students always enjoy this time of learning and it certainly helps to alleviate summer lag.

Each class will give an entry assessment, maintain on-going data collection and each student will receive an end-of-the-camp report to make parents aware of their child's level of proficiency. Teachers will create a plan for each student based on their weaknesses and strengths. The students will then receive intensive, specific instruction unique to that child.

School principal Mrs. Ashley Moore is certified as a Level 2 Mentor in the Hill Center program and oversees the administration of this program at Skyuka Hall.  She has been utilizing this program in part and in full over the past eight years of teaching at Skyuka Hall.  The program is implemented on a daily basis for those students that test into it.  Skyuka Hall also offers the Hill Center Reading Achievement program during the Bridging the Academic Gap Summer Program.  This provides the opportunity for intensive reading remediation during the time when summer lag occurs.

Studentswho participate in this program show marked improvement and gain confidence in an area that has hitherto been a struggle.  If you have any questions or an interest in this program, please contact Ashley Moore.


Hill Center Reading Achievement Program

Skyuka Hall is proud to offer its students and families the Hill Center Reading Achievement Program.  This program offers a sound methodology for academic remediation in reading.  The five components of a successful reading program are included: phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension are designed to be implemented within a 45-60 minute class period.  The methodology includes drill, phonological awareness, word attack/sight words, fluency, vocabulary, and reading/comprehension.  This program individualizes based on each student's specific area of need.  They receive an hour of ongoing intervention that is provided sequentially and practiced daily.

The Hill Center HillWrite Program

The HillWrite program is an adaptation of The Hill Center's research-based multi-sensory structured language approach to teaching writing and provides teachers with a sound methodology for teaching writing and its components.  The program focuses on teaching spelling, handwriting, copying/dictation, the writing process, and is designed to be implemented within a 45-60 minute class period.  The methodology includes drill, oral/written spelling, copying/sentence or paragraph dictation, handwriting, grammar, mechanics, and composition.  Time management and routine drive this program and create an atmosphere that eliminates lag and any downtime in the classroom.  The students remain engaged form the moment they walk in the door until the moment they leave.

The Hill Center HillMath Program

The HillMath Achievement Program (HillMath) is an adaptation of the Hill Center's research-based approach to teaching math and provides teachers with a precision teaching method that incorporates individualized, multi-sensory instruction.  Five important principles of the program include multi-sensory instruction, sequential progression through task, mastery, learning, immediate feedback, and use of learning strategies.  Components of HillMath include drill, fluency, math dictation/reading, and computation/appklication/problem-solving.  The program is designed to be implemented within a 45-60 minute class period.