2022-23 Forward Fund

Dear Skyuka Family,

For the past eight years, we have worked diligently to provide a quality and endearing home away from home for our learners.  We have defied every expectation and overcome every odd placed against us.  However, our school is at a crossroads.  Do we continue to move Forward, fully understanding the costs involved, or do we remain content with the accomplishments that have led us to this place in time and be still?   

While we are grateful for the successes of the past, we have chosen to move in the only direction we have ever really known: FORWARD!  We want to better ensure mission fulfillment.  We want to do bigger things.  We want to tell our story because we believe our students have a story worth telling that can change our world for the better.  Forward is so much more than a cliché or a hashtag.   

Over the past months, we have worked tirelessly to ensure our school remains true to its mission, embraces its past, yet is able to do more and be more.  As you probably have already seen on social media, the school has made investments in its infrastructure by hiring full-time Mr. Louis Lee and Mr. Jed Mescon. These renowned individuals have a fire and passion to serve at Skyuka Hall and will play a critical and instrumental role in the development of our young people and positioning them in the community for greatness.  While these announcements are substantial, we have more announcements yet to make, including but not limited to, academic enrichment and programming development that will directly impact next semester and the fall.  We have been busy.        

Our students are worth it.  Our destiny and the destiny of other students in the community are worth it.  However, these additions come with a high cost.   Our per-child expenditures are greater than our tuition levels, especially when taking to account the large amount of financial aid we give to families in need each year.  We do not have an endowment or organizational body to make subsidies and rely on you to help us through your participation not only secure our present but help build this future together. 

We are fully committed to taking the next steps in our school's evolution and progression but need your help to get there.  Your gift to this year’s Forward Fund is critical.  My hope is that you will recognize our effort and the investments being made in your children’s present and future and feel compelled to help us with this year’s Fund, unprecedently and sacrificially, with a love gift or pledge.  We want to go to a new level of development with our learners and are already moving rapidly in that direction. This year, on Giving Tuesday, I humbly ask that you provide a tax-deductible financial gift to support this direction and to show money will never get in the way of our students' progress.  We are growing, and the best is truly yet to come. Thank you for growing and going with us. 


Dr. Josh Yother | President and Head of School