Wolf Dens

Every student, faculty, and staff member are assigned a Wolf Pack Den in which they maintain membership for their entire Skyuka Hall tenure.  The Wolf Pack Dens are grade level integrated with the goal of building strong, binding relationships throughout all grade levels and a commitment to community service.  The five established Dens are designed to embody the concepts of camaraderie, safety, acceptance, and belonging - thus mirroring true life wolf dens.   

Each of the five Dens have a unique t-shirt that can be worn only by a member of that Den. Students are asked to wear this special shirt on community service and Den celebration days that occur quarterly during the school year. 

The Dens are utilized to create a positive school culture and climate and to reinforce academic achievement and social skills development.  Every school year new students enjoy a Den sorting day when new Skyuka Hall students are inducted into their assigned Wolf Pack Den.